About 300 hour Advance Yoga Teacher Training

The community of yoga practitioners has matured. Students are hungry for more information and are placing higher demands of experience, connection, and knowledge on yoga teachers. The premise of our training is that you are already great at what you do. Now, let's get to the next level of your practice and career. 

Teach inspiring and highly sought after classes while cultivating a deeper relationship to your yoga. Advance your teaching by curiously delving into the subtleties, advanced knowledge, and refined skills of teaching yoga. This training provides you with a well-rounded spectrum of yoga education by giving you tools to teach skillfully and think critically.

The curriculum is arranged in modular based studies - each module has it's own content specialty and directly relates to other modules for a comprehensive learning experience. 

Upcoming 300 hour Programs + Dates


Registration for our 300-hour program is open!

Click on the above button and be redirected to my yoga school, red lila School of Yoga, to learn more about our 300-hour program curriculum, modules, and dates for our upcoming advanced YTT.



Learn with red lila School of Yoga

In 2014, after six years of teaching yoga, and leading over 20 yoga teacher training programs, Lindsay founded and began red lila School of Yoga - a yoga teacher development school committed to the advancement of quality yoga education. As a new, current, or future yoga teacher, our programs at red lila School of Yoga inspire and educate you to teach transformational, safe, and well-rounded classes crafted from your authentic voice. At red lila, we work with yoga teachers so they can competently, intelligibly, and powerfully carry the yoga torch to their students. We offer 200 hour teacher trainings300 hour advanced teacher trainings, webinars, workshops, blogs, and online resources.

Learn more and visit the red lila School of Yoga website here.