Are you a yoga teacher, recent graduate of a teacher training, or a graduate who wants to begin teaching? This specialized mentorship program is an opportunity for a personalized approach to enhancing your teaching skills and teaching career. 

Let's face it - most of us yoga teachers begin teaching yoga because we love the practice and want to share it with other people. We want to pass along something that has positively impacted our lives. Then, you go through teacher training, you begin teaching, and realize this profession is way more involved that you believed it would be. All of a sudden you are no longer just teaching class - you are building a business getting your hands wet in marketing, accounting, operations, and strategy and keeping your love alive for your personal practice while creatively crafting classes from your own voice. Phew.

The Teacher Mentorship offers a partnership approach to refine and expand your services with Lindsay's coaching. She is a go-getter yoga teacher who is known for her strength in understanding the business of yoga and yoga teacher development. Together, we build your skills and enhance your offerings for a thriving and rewarding yoga career.


The Teacher Mentorship provides a unique experience in continued education and teacher development. Based on your goals, we will schedule as little as one, and as much as five, initial mentorship sessions to improve your teaching skills, create a powerful programs, and build your business.

develop your skills + deepen your knowledge

This program is a special, individualized opportunity for yoga teachers to expand their offerings and experience through personal study under the guidance of an experienced mentor. 


Let's begin! Email me to schedule your free 20 minute consultation now.


Yoga teachers sign up for Teacher Mentorship with me for a variety of reasons:

  • Improve your confidence as a teacher and refine your teaching skills across all styles of your classes
  • Offer and build a thriving private client practice
  • Develop programs for specialty workshops, series, and retreats.
  • Find your own voice, style, and niche as a yoga teacher
  • Transition smoothly into this new yoga teacher path as a recent graduates from yoga teacher training, and those who are now beginning to teach
  • Build knowledge and confidence in teaching meditation and pranayama
  • Organize your class plans with intentional themes and sequencing
  • Create structure and plans for how to carry out your ideas and bring them to life in a way that is successful and sustainable.
  • Learn more about a specific population with whom you want to work and have an opportunity to work.
  • Craft classes for corporate clients and private client groups that meet their needs and purposes for working with you.
  • Improve assisting and adjusting techniques (for local mentorships only)
  • Strategize and build the infrastructure for your yoga business
  • Making the switch from another job to becoming a full-time yoga teacher

How to begin your Teaching Mentorship



Contact me via email or phone to inquire about beginner your personalized Teacher Mentorship program. Please include some information about yourself, your training history, your current teaching status, and your interest in doing a Teacher Mentorship.



We'll then schedule and connect on a free 20 minute consolation phone call, or meet in person for some tea if you are local to Baltimore, to talk hear about you and explore how our work together can make an impact for your growth. 



Together we will agree on the best action plan outline and time frame for your Teacher Mentorship. After that, the rest is history. 

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Teacher Mentorship Rates

(1) Free 20 minute consultation

FREE! This option is for new clients, or previous clients with new plans. Discuss how Teacher Mentorship can propel your teaching career.

  • FREE 20 minute consulting phone call
  • On this call I hear your story and goals, then we craft the best plan for our work together.

(1) Single Teacher Mentorship - $100 

Purchase this session for a follow-up about a specific Mentorship area we worked on together or if you have questions about a single topic. 

  • 60 minutes - local meeting or phone call
  • After each session, you will have homework to work on and complete before we meet again

(5) Teacher Mentorship Sessions - $450

BEST DEAL! For current clients or for teachers who have had a 20 minute consultation and are beginning their Teacher Mentorship.

  • 60 minutes - local meeting or phone call
  • After each session, you will have homework to work on and complete before we meet again


Lindsay is a Yoga Alliance YACEP (Continued Education Provider). Apply Teacher Mentorship to Yoga Alliance CEU's! All hours accumulated through our work together can be counted as CEU's for your Yoga Alliance and professional organization credentials.