Are you a yoga teacher or yoga business owner who...

  • owns or leads a Teacher Training program and would like to improve the quality of your training with a stronger curriculum, establish roles and responsibilities for your training team, or enhance your students overall learning experience?

  • currently has a yoga teacher program and would like to streamline your operations to make your work more efficient and organized with behind-the-scenes systems?

  • is ready to lead your first teacher training program, feeling a little anxious and would like coaching support to refine these unique skills of facilitating and being a teacher of teacher?

  • is putting together your first teacher training program, having a lot of great thoughts about what to include in your curriculum, and feeling overwhelmed by the organization of it, applying to Yoga Alliance, and would like some strategic planning and structure?

  • is a go-getter, passionate yogi, with an zestful spirit ready to take this next step in your career and offer a teacher training program?

I would like to work with YOU.

What are some of the areas of yoga teacher training we may strategize, create, and develop?

Yoga Alliance submission

Efficiently organize your program, make a syllabus for Registered Yoga School approval. Use my easy-to-use YA Syllabus spreadsheet that is only shared with my consulting clients. It's guaranteed to eliminate hours of daunting work and expedite your process.

Program Structure

From student registration to teacher graduation. A look into the vast details of what you do to prepare for and follow up from the training at both the macro and the micro levels. Organize your work with documents so that your YTT program is reproducible and sustainable. 

Curriculum Development

Set your training apart from others with our highly suggested Key Curriculum Components. Build a cohesive curriculum for a cumulative learning process. Align your topics in a way that effortlessly flows.

Lead Teacher Facilitation

The best trainings have the best teachers - and I'm not just talking about their knowledge and experience. A teacher's facilitation skills, and their fluency in managing group dynamics, is a key component to success. Learn key facilitation skills from questions to lectures.

Team Structure

Create the structure of your team - purpose, roles, and responsibilities among the teachers and assistants. Carry out best practices as a teaching unit; work towards the collective purpose and vision of the training. Manage guest teacher communications + agreements.

Manual & Student Syllabus

Outline, create, and manage a thorough training manual for both the students and the lead teachers. Based upon your program structure and curriculum. Make an in-depth collegiate level syllabus for effective communication and successful student outcome.

Not sure which area of your training you want to specifically work on in our consulting sessions, yet you know the consulting will improve your program? Let's schedule a free 20 minute consultation call together so I can learn more and we can decide the best avenue for the development of your program.

Ready to take the next step in transforming or building your yoga teacher training program?

You are in the right place.

My Teacher Training Consulting practice is built with many years of experience organizing, leading, and developing yoga teacher training programs, and is proud of the successful results with my consulting clients.

  • Founder and owner of the red lila School of Yoga

  • 8 years of organizing yoga teacher program schedules, syllabus, and curriculum

  • 8 years leading yoga teacher training programs, managing training teams, and working with guest teachers

  • 3 years of yoga studio Director of Operations and Director of Teacher Development

  • 22 Yoga Teacher Training programs led at both the 200 and 300 hour levels

  • 12 successful syllabus submissions to Yoga Alliance for both 200 and 300 hour programs


How do we begin?

  1. Foundation + Purpose. Consulting always starts with understanding a clear picture of your current circumstances, which are ascertained by a series of questions during a free initial consulting call conversation. A look into your intended achievements and purpose for leading your teacher training program is essential to plan and implement a successful strategy to accomplish your goals.

  2. Strategy. Lindsay creates a strategy with our intended timeline, what content we will be working on together, our roles and expectations working together. This is the plan of how we will successfully achieve improving your teacher training. Once this proposed strategy is agreed upon, we get to work.

  3. Action. Action is done in a liner process, according to our intended strategy. At the same time, as we work together, you may notice holes, areas to improvement, road blocks that may need more attention. Or, you may get the work done more quickly than anticipated! Though the process has a plan, we make sure to move with the organic nature of development and make changes as we need to along the way.

In this process, we are collaborative team. Expect full disclosure with honest dialogue, encouraging conversations, and  homework between the consulting calls to accomplish your visions.

Consulting rates

(1) Free 20 minute consultation

FREE! This option is for new clients, or previous clients with new plans. Discuss how Teacher Mentorship can propel your teaching career.

  • FREE 20 minute consulting phone call

  • On this call I get a clear picture of your circumstances, we go over the Foundations and Purpose of your YTT program

(1) YTT Consulting Sessions: $125

Have a question about a single topic? Looking for a one time follow-up consulting session about something related to your teacher training program that  we have worked on in the past? Purchase these single sessions for single follow-up.

  • 60 minute phone call meeting with 30 minutes of outside work Lindsay does as a follow-up to your conversation.

(5) YTT Consulting Sessions: $575

(10) YTT Consulting Sessions: $1,000

After you have has your initial consultation call above, and have an agreed upon proposal outline of our work together, then we create action. Purchase this package as our plan, or if you are a previous client who would like more sessions together. 

  • 60 minute phone call meeting, and 30 minutes of outside work Lindsay does for your program before and after the call to build upon what we are working on for your program

  • Email support. Quick email check-ins and support while you are completing your assigned consulting homework and developing your program.

  • Documents: Rates include invaluable spreadsheets and documents created by Lindsay to organize and propel your program that you get to keep. Such as Key Curriculum Components, important Lead Teacher Facilitation Elements, Yoga Alliance Syllabus Fast Track Outline, Curriculum Overview outline, detailed Program Schedule for the teaching team, and more.